Frequently Asked Questions

Konnect™ Access Server

How many devices can I use with Konnect™ simultaneously?
Depending on your Konnect™ license, you can connect up to 250 devices (Pro) to a single Konnect™ server. If you are looking to deploy Konnect™ with more than 250 devices, our enterprise team will work with you to design and implement a personalized solution for your use-case.
How do I check if I have connected successfully?
After connecting to your Konnect™ access server, the device client application should indicate the connection status as 'active' and display diagnostic information about the connection, such as connection time, data transfer and peer status. Additionally, you can check the connection status through your Konnect™ User Portal, by navigating to your list of devices. Finally, you can check your public IP address by asking Google 'what is my ip'. The IP address displayed should be different from the one assigned to you by your internet provider.
How can I change my VPN password?
If your Konnect™ server account is a local account, you can change your password from your Profile page after logging in to the User Portal. If your Konnect™ servber account is an account synced from an external user directory, you cannot change your password on the 'Profile' page - instead ask your administrator about how you can change your password in your organization's central user directory.
What firewall ports do I need to open to use Konnect™ server?
We are aware that for IT professionals, one of the biggest risks of new technology deployments is the need to change firewall ports. Konnect™ minimizes this impact, as only two ports are required for operation: HTTPS (443, TCP) and WG (51820, UDP). Compare that to over two dozen holes that you need to add to your firewall for something like IPSec and you can clearly see the advantages of a modern VPN.
What devices and platforms does Konnect™ server support?
Konnect™ server supports a broad range of devices and platforms. For a full list, please refer to our documentation of supported platforms.
What is a VPN?
VPN stands for virtual private network - a secure network tunnel between two or more devices. Connecting to a VPN gives you secure access through an encrypted connection not only to the internet, but also to the resources and any other networks, such as an office network, or cloud networks, connected to the VPN, as configured by your administrator.
What services can I access with Konnect™? Konnect™ aims at giving you secure access to all your services, as if you were locally present at your office - but from anywhere in the world. The particular set of services that you can access while connected to the virtual private network depends on the configuration of your Konnect™ server and the inter-connectivity between the Konnect™ server and any cloud or office networks that your administrator has configured.
Will using Konnect™ slow down my internet connection?
The network protocol used internally by Konnect™ has been shown by independent measurements to have less than a 3% overhead on connection speed, making Konnect™ up to 10 times faster than other VPN solutions on the market. This means that you can connect online without any perceivable difference in your connection speed.
How secure is Konnect™?
The network protocol that is used internally by Konnect™ has been verified by independent security experts as the most secure VPN protocol that exists today. Konnect™ uses state of the art cryptographic algorithms and audited secure implementations of these algorithms. When it comes to the Konnect™ access server application stack itself, each release of Konnect™ server undergoes a plethora of automated security and vulnerability audits - from the source code to the finished Docker image. Please note however, that Konnect™ protects your data in transit and does not provide any form of endpoint security and cannot protect you against keyloggers, remote access trojans, rootkits or other forms of malware that target your device directly.
What makes Konnect™ so special? Konnect™ takes your self-hosted VPN services to the next level by offering a simple, yet powerful user interface that makes deployment and management of enterprise virtual private networks based on the WireGuard® network protocol a breeze. With outstanding usability, and many new features that you won't find in other VPN solutions, Konnect™ allows enterprises and teams of all sizes to securely collaborate and connect to their office and cloud networks with confidence and speed.

Licensing and Subscriptions

How much does Konnect™ cost?
We are big believers in simple, transparent pricing and giving you a chance to try Konnect™ for as long as you wish to make a purchase decision. When you first deploy your Konnect™ access server, your deployment operates in Evaluation mode that allows you to connect one device to the VPN. We offer Personal licenses free of charge for you to try Konnect™ in your organization or with your team for as long as you wish, and for deploying Konnect™ at home for non-commercial use. Small teams and organizations that don't require advanced enterprise features such as LDAP connectivity can purchase a Starter license to get their team online with up to 10 devices. Our Pro licenses are for business deployments of more than 10 devices that require enterprise features like LDAP integration and premium support. Please see our Pricing Page for a detailed comparison of features and prices.
How does the 14-day money-back guarantee work?
We are confident that you will enjoy using Konnect™, and give you all the time you need to try before you buy with our free Evaluation and Personal licenses. If for any reason you are unhappy with your experience after purchasing a Starter, Pro or Enterprise license, you have 14 days to get a full refund. Just get in touch with our Konnect™ support team.
Do you offer a free trial?
Absolutely! When you first deploy your Konnect™ access server, your instance operates in Evaluation mode that allows you to connect one device to the VPN. We offer a free Personal license for you to try Konnect™ in your organization or with your team for as long as you wish - with up to 3 devices.
How do I purchase a Konnect™ license?
To purchase a Konnect™ license, you need a My Konnect™ account. Click here to create a new My Konnect™ account. Once your account is created you can add as many licenses as you want to your account.
How do I pay for my license?
We partner with Stripe to offer a variety of payment options for your country, including most debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The specific payment options for your billing address will be available upon checkout.
Why do you sell licenses as subscriptions?
When you purchase a Konnect™ license, this license entitles you to perpetual use of Konnect™ server. Each purchase includes 12 months of maintenance - that is technical support and product updates. License subscriptions make it easy for you to keep your maintenance entitlements active and ensure that you have continued access to support and product, without having to re-purchase licenses every year.
How do I cancel my license subscription?
If you are not satisfied with Konnect™, you can cancel your license subsriptions by signing in to your My Konnect™ account, finding the license subscription that you wish to discontinue and clicking on 'Cancel Subscription'. That's it!
Can I use Konnect™ server after my license subscription expires?
Absolutely! Purchasing a license entitles you to perpetual use of Konnect™ server. However, without an active license subscription you will not have maintenance entitlements - that means no technical support and no product updates.
Will I be notified if my subscription is terminated?
We send notification emails to your contact email address for all license subscription activations and cancellations.

Help and Support

How can I reach Konnect™ customer support?
You can contact our customer support team through our support portal.
How can I reach Konnect™ technical support?
You can contact our technical support team through our support portal. For technical support, we require an active maintenance entitlement - so please add your SEN number to your technical support requests. Additionally, you can contact technical support directly from your My Konnect™ account.
My license expired, can I still get technical support?
We require an active maintenance entitlement to offer technical support. If your license expired you can purchase a new license subscription from your My Konnect™ account.

About My Konnect™

How can I change my registration email address?
Please contact our customer support team through support portal with your inquiry. We will need to validate your account ownership with additional information before we can change any registration email addresses.
What is your privacy policy?
You can find our privacy policy here
What are your terms of service?
You can find our terms of use here