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Strike a balance between employee security and productivity in the post-pandemic workplace.

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Connecting the Hybrid Office

While the ongoing pandemic is pushing more and more enterprises to re-think their strategies for bringing employees back into the office, 82% of businesses plan to enable their employees to work both remotely and in the office at least partially. With Konnect™, empower your workforce to strike a balance between cybersecurity and productivity when deploying your hybrid work model.

The Problem

Remote employees need access to all the same digital resources as on-premises employees, which requires secure connections to and from corporate networks and cloud services and applications. Organizations must keep critical assets secure, control and monitor sensitive information and privileged access, and manage remote worker cybersecurity – all while ensuring that employees are productive and efficient. From an infrastructure standpoint, IT pros need the ability to easily and securely access work-from-home employees’ devices – ideally from a single dashboard. Smaller companies rarely have the IT talent, tools or budgets to prevent many forms of cyberattacks – however, with the right tools in place, IT professionals can successfully navigate these challenges without breaking the bank.

The Solution

By using Konnect™, hybrid organizations can securely make digital resources and cloud services and applications available to remote employees. Since Konnect™ can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud it's easy to secure your entire digital footprint with one solution. Employees love Konnect™ since it is easy to use - a single click connects them to the office network - incredibly fast, and stays connected even when your device goes to sleep or switches networks. Security that doesn't impact productivity.

Benefits Konnect™ integrates with your existing LDAP-compatible user directories to quickly provision your entire workforce for VPN access. Administrators have a centralized dashboard to manage user, devices and see who's connected, while users are provided with an easy-to-use self-service portal that they can use to setup their mobile devices and laptops.

Konnect™ is the ideal solution for:

  • Startups
  • Small and Medium Sized Business
  • Hybrid teams
  • and anyone else working in a hybrid office model
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Be there. Even when you're not.

Connect to the office from anywhere in the world without compromising security or speed.

Sales person working from a coffee shop

Connecting Road Warriors

With Konnect™, your mobile workforce can securely connect back to the office while on the road, with a solution that is always on, survives frequent network changes, and is fast even when network coverage is spotty.

The Problem

Your on-the-road workforce uses mobile devices and laptops to connect to your core information systems and cloud-based applications and services to carry out their work duties away from the office. They often do so using a variety of untrusted networks, such as public hotspots, airport Wifi, coffee shops, mobile networks or guest networks at client sites. Attackers can use specialized tools to observe the data flowing through these networks to intercept confidential information and break into your organization's networks.

The Solution

By using Konnect™, your organization can mitigate these attack vectors and safely make your digital nomads part of the office network. All information is sent through fully encrypted private network tunnels. Any data leaving the mobile device or laptop as it travels to the office network is encrypted using the best cryptographic algorithms available today. On the other side, Konnect™ makes sure data packets are only coming in from authorized client devices, decrypts the data packets and passes them on to the office network.


Since Konnect™ is a software-based VPN solution, it is easy to implement and integrate into your existing infrastructure stack. We offer quick and easy to install images for all major cloud providers, as well as application images for self-hosting on your own servers or cloud instances.

Konnect™ is the ideal solution for:

  • Sales agents
  • Consultants
  • Insurance brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Financial advisors
  • Caregivers
  • and anyone else working on-the-go
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Administrate from Anywhere

Securely service your IT infrastructure and cloud resources from any location with Konnect™.

IT administrator performing maintenance work on server farm

Connecting IT Professionals

With Konnect™, IT professionals can securely connect to digital infrastructure anywhere in the world, from any network, so systems can get serviced faster and better.

The Problem

As remote work becomes the status quo, IT professionals that service on-premises and cloud infrastructure need to find ways to ensure that they have secure access to all required resources — no matter if they find themselves at home, in a coffee shop, or even on an airplane. Accessing private networks, outside of the secure office environment is a high risk proposition that can be elegantly solved with a virtual private network.

The Solution

With Konnect™, your organization can give IT professionals secure administrative access to on-premises and cloud infrastructure resources that are otherwise blocked off to the outside world, so they can keep your organization's digital resources running smoothly, wherever, whenever.


Using Konnect™ as a jump-box to firewalled on-premises and cloud network resources, organizations are able to allow IT professionals to service the organization's digital footprint remotely. Konnect™ uses state of the art encryption to keep critical data such as passwords and commands safe while they are in transit. Requiring only a single UDP port to work, Konnect™ keeps your impact on firewall rules to a minimum. As a software-based solution, Konnect™ is easy and quick to integrate with your existing infrastructure resources, without the need to purchase and maintain additional hardware.

Konnect™ is the ideal solution for:

  • Cloud Administators
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Managed Services Partners
  • and anyone else servicing on-premises and cloud infrastructure remotely
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