Konnect™ Cloud Images


With Konnect™ we set out to provide developers and teams with a great self-hosted / self-managed VPN service that removes operational burdens of traditional VPN solutions. We know you want to concentrate on your core business and not spend hours deploying, debugging, and maintaining your cloud applications and services. So we are extremely proud to offer official cloud images, allowing you to get VPN access deployed and scaled effortlessly in your favourite cloud.

Our cloud images are designed with simplicity at heart - we work closely with cloud providers to deliver a truly seamless experience for users and creating the ability for everyone to deploy a fully tested Konnect™ server stack with the click of a button.

Cloud Providers


Read our Deployment Guide for DigitalOcean

Availability Regions

  • North America: San Francisco, New York, Toronto
  • Europe: London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt
  • Asia: Bangalore
  • Oceania: Singapore

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