General Settings

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The general settings page allows you to customize your Konnect™ server deployment, as well as manage the VPN service of your Konnect™ access server.

Deployment Customization


You can customize the name and logo of your Konnect™ deployment to brand your VPN service to your business. Your customized name and logo will be included in all user-facing UI, as well as all email notifications, if you have email notifications configured.

Customizing the Name

To customize the displayed service name of your deployment, you can enter a new name in the Service Name field. Click on Save to apply the custom service name to your Konnect™ deployment. The service name is required and cannot be blank.

Customizing the Logo

To customize the logo displayed in the web portal and in email notifications, you can enter a URL to an image file that you wish to use as your custom logo. Click on Save to apply the custom logo to your Konnect™ deployment. Please note that at this time, Konnect™ server does not allow uploading and storing custom logos within the application itself.

Important: The URL to your custom logo should be accessible to your users, e.g., if you reference a URL only available on the intranet, your users will see a broken image placeholder then they are not connected to the intranet.

Managing the VPN Service

The general settings page allows you to manage the VPN Service of your Konnect™ deployment. In particular, you can:

  1. Restart the VPN Service. Selecting this option will immediately terminate all active connections, shutdown the tunnel network device, reload the tunnel configuration and all client device peer configurations, and restart the tunnel network device. Use this option if you changed the network address block of your VPN or modified the routing tables of your VPN server.

  2. Reload the Configuration. Selecting this option will perform a "hot reload" of the tunnel configuration and client device peer configurations without terminating all active connections. Use this option if you immediately want to pick up changes you made in network or security settings without interrupting existing active VPN client connections.

  3. Reset the Traffic Statistics. Selecting this option will reset all collected traffic statistics for each VPN device to zero. Use this option if your VPN server is on a metered connection and your billing period cycles, or to keep track of data consumption over a period of time.