Our February 2022 release of KUY.io Konnect™ access server is now available to all customers.

This release includes important bug fixes, security updates, and makes setting up sync with your LDAP directory even better. KUY.io Konnect™ access server v2202.0 is available from our Docker Registry at:

docker pull ghcr.io/kuyio/konnect:2202.0


  • Client configuration files are now named after your KUY.io Konnect™ access server deployment and have shorter filenames to prevent the "Tunnel name too long" error message for Windows clients.
  • With this version we have introduced support for non-encrypted LDAP connections, however please be advices that we strongly recommend against using plain-text LDAP for production deployments!
  • When configuring and testing your LDAP integration, we provide much more detailed diagnostic messages to better help guide your configuration experience.
  • We've made various improvements to the admin and user portal UI
  • We've improved the client device setup instructions to make it even easier for end-user to follow along and setup their devices.

Security Updates

Important: This release includes important security fixes for the base OS, application runtime and application dependencies. We recommend all customers updating to the latest version as soon as possible. To learn more about how to update your deployment to the latest version, please refer to our documentation on how to update KUY.io Konnect™ access server.

Package Vulnerability ID Severity
expat CVE-2022-23852 CRITICAL
CVE-2022-23990 CRITICAL
CVE-2022-25235 CRITICAL
CVE-2022-25236 CRITICAL
CVE-2022-25315 CRITICAL
CVE-2022-25313 HIGH
CVE-2022-25314 HIGH
bundler CVE-2021-43809 HIGH
actionpack CVE-2022-23633 HIGH
nokogiri CVE-2021-30560 HIGH
puma CVE-2022-23634 HIGH
url-parse CVE-2022-0512 HIGH
follow-redirects CVE-2022-0536 MEDIUM
libblkid CVE-2021-3995 MEDIUM
CVE-2021-3996 MEDIUM
CVE-2022-0563 MEDIUM
libmount CVE-2021-3995 MEDIUM
libmount CVE-2021-3996 MEDIUM
CVE-2022-0563 MEDIUM
libuuid CVE-2021-3995 MEDIUM
CVE-2021-3996 MEDIUM
CVE-2022-0563 MEDIUM

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash