We are excited to make Konnect™ v2208.0 available to all customers. This version includes an exciting new privacy feature called Konnect™ DNS that makes your VPN connection even more secure. This latest version of Konnect™ is available from our Docker Registry at:

docker pull ghcr.io/kuyio/konnect:2208.0

For detailed instructions please refer to our detailed Update Guide.

New Features

Konnect™ DNS

Screenshot of the Konnect™ DNS settings included with v2208.0

Screenshot of the Konnect™ DNS settings included with v2208.0

Konnect™ VPN access server now includes a custom DNS server and two new settings to configure name resolution for VPN client devices. The built-in DNS provides a number of advantages for VPN users:

  • Improved Privacy - using the built-in Konnect™ DNS prevents leakage of DNS requests issued from VPN connected client devices, making Konnect™ VPN access server one of the most enhanced connecting security and privacy solutions available today.
  • Faster browsing - name queries terminate directly at the VPN access server and are cached locally, so accessing sites and services through your Konnect™ VPN is even faster.
  • Easier client configuration - no more head scratching on why your internet connection doesn't work on different operating systems, or when connected to different WiFi or LAN networks.

Konnect™ DNS is enabled by default for all new client devices added to your Konnect™ VPN access server. You can still override this settings and enforce custom DNS server for your connected client devices (for example, to provide a DNS-based security filtering for your network) through the client device settings interface.

Errror Log

Konnect™ VPN access server admins can now access an internal log of all server errors through the Administrator Portal. The error log significantly improves tracking down and fixing errors and offers additional diagnostics for support requests, so we can help you close your support tickets even faster!

Health Checks

We've added an internal health check to Konnect™ VPN access server that is available by default at the /health path of your deployment. Use the health check endpoint to integrate your Konnect™ VPN access server with your uptime and status monitoring services to provide real-time alerts for VPN service outages.


Faster Updates

We've done a lot of work behind the scenes on our internal build systems and the way Konnect™ VPN access server images are created. By switching to multi-stage builds we were able to shrink the application layer down to a few megabytes resulting in significantly faster updates of your Konnect™ VPN access server deployments and less data traffic on your servers.

User Interface

We've cleaned up various parts of the Admin Portal and User Portal interfaces to clarify instructions and make Konnect™ easier to use.

Security Fixes

Important: This release includes important security fixes for the base OS, application runtime and application dependencies. We recommend all customers updating to the latest version as soon as possible. To learn more about how to update your deployment to the latest version, please refer to our documentation on how to update KUY.io Konnect™ access server.

Package Vulnerability ID Severity Status
cairo CVE-2019-6462 MEDIUM
cairo-gobject CVE-2019-6462 MEDIUM
cups-libs CVE-2022-26691 MEDIUM
freetype CVE-2022-27405 HIGH
freetype CVE-2022-27406 HIGH
gnutls CVE-2022-2509 HIGH
libcrypto1.1 CVE-2022-2097 MEDIUM
libde265 CVE-2022-1253 CRITICAL
libde265 CVE-2021-35452 MEDIUM
libde265 CVE-2021-36408 MEDIUM
libde265 CVE-2021-36410 MEDIUM
libde265 CVE-2021-36411 MEDIUM
libpq CVE-2022-1552 HIGH
libpq CVE-2022-2625 HIGH
libssl1.1 CVE-2022-2097 MEDIUM
libxml2 CVE-2022-29824 MEDIUM
libxml2 CVE-2022-3209 UNKNOWN
ncurses-libs CVE-2022-29458 HIGH
ncurses-terminfo-base CVE-2022-29458 HIGH
nodejs CVE-2022-32213 CRITICAL
nodejs CVE-2022-32214 CRITICAL
nodejs CVE-2022-32215 CRITICAL
nodejs CVE-2022-32212 HIGH
postgresql14-client CVE-2022-1552 HIGH
postgresql14-client CVE-2022-2625 HIGH
zlib CVE-2022-37434 CRITICAL
zlib-dev CVE-2022-37434 CRITICAL
activerecord CVE-2022-32224 CRITICAL
rack CVE-2022-30123 HIGH
rack CVE-2022-30122 MEDIUM
rails-html-sanitizer CVE-2022-32209 MEDIUM

Photo by Emilio Martín on Unsplash