New Version Naming Scheme

Beginning with this release, we are switching our versioning schema to better reflect our continuous delivery process. Going forward, Konnect™ releases are labeled and published on our Docker registry with a version tag that is:

  • prefixed with v
  • followed by the two digit year code (e.g., '21' for 2021, or '22' for 2021)
  • followed by the two digit month code (e.g., '09' for September)
  • followed by a '.' separator
  • suffixed with an increasing maintenance release number, starting at 0 with every release

We start off with the current release version as v2110.0. To update your deployment to this version, you can either specify the version tag when pulling the updated image, or keep using the :latest tag if you want to always stay on the latest stable release version.

docker pull
                    # or
docker pull

To learn more about how to update your deployment to the latest version, please refer to our documentation.

Security Updates

This maintenance release addresses vulnerabilities in the following application dependencies:

Package Vulnerability ID Severity Status
nokogiri CVE-2021-41098 HIGH
puma CVE-2021-41136 LOW
ansi-regex CVE-2021-3807 HIGH
nth-check CVE-2021-3803 HIGH
set-value CVE-2021-23440 CRITICAL

We recommend to all users to update to the latest version of Konnect™ as soon as possible to pick up these important security fixes and keep their networks secure.