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Become your own VPN provider and enjoy enhanced privacy, security and speed.

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Work securely. Wherever you are.

You are a modern company looking at mastering the transition from co-located work to hybrid and remote-first models. Konnect™ is the ideal solution to provide your users with secure, fast and uncomplicated access to applications and data, on-premises or in the cloud.

Modern Security

Konnect™ is a Layer-3 VPN Access Server that uses the latest encryption algorithms with optional quantum resistance, peer-reviewed by experts.


Konnect™ is robust against network drop-outs and offers instant reconnect, even after waking up from sleep or hibernate.

Blazing Fast

With up to ten times the throughput and six times better latency than other VPNs, you can get work done fast!

Loved by Users

Konnect™ works on virtually every device, is easy to set up and use, and always stays connected even when you switch networks.

Connect your World

With Konnect™ it's easier than ever to offer remote workers secure network connectivity to your business networks locally or in the cloud.

Connect to the Office

Make your remote teams part of your on-premise network with a network tunnel that feels as if they were physically in the office.

Gone are the days of painfully slow and unstable VPN connections that make working remotely a pain. With Konnect™ turn stable and fast connectivity into increased productivity.

Connect to the Cloud

Because Konnect™ is a fully containerized application stack, you can deploy our blazing fast VPN to any cloud, anywhere in the world.

Give your workforce the secure and fast access to their applications, services and tools they deserve — from Azure to Zettagrid.

Connect your world
Turn the Internet into your Office Network

Turn the Internet into your Office Network

Build your own private network inside the internet with Konnect™. Keep your data private and protected thanks to state-of-the-art encryption.

Bring your workforce together

Since all devices on your private network can talk to each other, you can instantly increase collaboration across time and space - now your remote workers can share resources as if they were connected to the office network.

Become your own VPN Provider

With Konnect™ you can finally stop relying on public VPN services and become your own private network provider in the cloud.

With an easy to use self-service portal, your VPN users can manage their devices and user profiles, and with the admin UI, you have can manage users, devices and connections across the entire private network.

There is a lot to love

From the clean and modern user-interface, over advanced configuration features that put you into full control of your private network, to an easy to use self-service portal for users, there are a lot of reasons why our customers love Konnect™.

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What our customers say

Konnect™ is securely connecting customers in over 37 countries to their cloud and on-premise applications and services while working remote.

Unreal - we have been using Konnect™ for the past year for connecting our staff to our private cloud and haven't had a single network outage or complaint! logo

Nicolas Bettenburg • CEO

This is the first VPN that our non-technical co-workers can use without problems. We especially love that it connects with a single click and stays online no matter what.

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Ningke Kuang • Director Operations

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Frequently asked questions

Why Konnect™?
WireGuard® is a network protocol to create virtual private network connections. However, management of cryptographic keys, users, devices, as well as the tedious setup and configuration of network peers requires manual work by an experienced IT administrator. This is where Konnect™ comes in: it's a VPN Access server built on top of the core WireGuard® network protocol and offers an elegant, and intuitive solution that makes deploying and operating this next-gen VPN technology in your organization easy and safe.
Is Konnect™ secure?
Compared to outdated VPN protocols such as IPSec and OpenVPN, the WireGuard® network protocol is considered significantly more secure by industry leaders. The small, clean and peer-reviewed, open code, and the use of modern, state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols such as ChaCha20, BLAKE2, Curve25519, and others improves data security considerably over older TLS/SSL based protocols. In addition, Konnect™ can be used in a quantum-resistant mode that offers protection against quantum computing attacks against your VPN network.
How does Konnect™ compare to the competition?
Free VPNs seem attractive, but they make little committments to privacy, while with hosted VPN solutions all your data is still funneled through someone else's infrastructure. Both options promise to eliminate administration efforts and cost, but with Konnect™'s fast and easy setup, you can be up and running in under 5 minutes - so there is no reason anymore to put your network security in the hands of a third party.
How many users or device can connect at the same time?
The number of devices connecting simultaneously to Konnect™ is only limited by your license and the size of the subnet configured for your installation. With the right hardware and network bandwidth you could connect thousands of devices to a single deployment. If you are unsure about your specific use case requirements, you can always contact our enterprise support team.
Is Konnect™ fast enough for video conferencing?
If your network connection is fast enough to handle video conferencing without the use of a VPN, you will have no trouble when connected through a Konnect™ private tunnel. A WireGuard® connection is only 3% slower than a connection without VPN - rendering Konnect™ up to 10x faster than traditional VPN solutions such as OpenVPN, IPSec, or AnyConnect.
Do I need to open firewall ports to use Konnect™?
We are aware that for IT professionals, one of the biggest risks of new technology deployments is the need to change firewall ports. Konnect™ minimizes this impact, as only two ports are required for operation: HTTPS (443, TCP) and WG (51820, UDP). Compare that to over two dozen holes that you need to add to your firewall for something like IPSec and you can clearly see the advantages of a modern VPN.
How does licensing for Konnect™ work?
We are great believers of transparent and easy-to-follow software licenses. For Konnect™ it's simple: a commercial license entitles you to a specific number of devices that can connect. You are free to assign these devices to any number of users as you see fit. Licenses renew annually, and with each license you receive a support entitlement, which gives you access to our customer support team and free updates. If you are unsure about Konnect™ and want to try before committing, we offer a free license for non-commercial use that never expires and allows you to connect up to 3 devices.